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pirate birthday

he who shall not forget yer birthday

flowers no address no signature  super had no idea who they were from

emily post etiquette book

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new website!

Hello, and thanks for stopping by Volunteering NYC.

I haven’t stopped writing….I’ve MOVED (along with all my posts) over to

Stop by to learn about more fantastic volunteer opportunities (now nationwide), ways to give right from your own home, remarkable people and acts of kindness.

See you over at!

Let me give

~ ~ Let Me Give ~ ~

I do not know how long I’ll live
But while I live, Lord, let me give
Some comfort to someone in need
By smile or nod, kind word or deed

And let me do what ever I can
To ease things for my fellow man
I want naught but to do my part
To “lift” a tired or weary heart

To change folks’ frowns to smiles again
Then I will not have lived in vain
And I’ll not care how long I’ll live
If I can give… and give… and give

(Author Unknown)